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It's a Dogs Life!
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Issue 9 - Chaos reigns...
Scrambles the Cairn Terrier writes for All Things Local

Life through the eyes of Scrambles, a Belper-based Cairn Terrier. Scrambles is the latest (and most unusual) columnist in All Things Local!

Hello Doggies and Doggetts

OMG!!!! You will never believe the month I have had and Iím not sure if it is good or bad, well I suppose most of it is a bit of both.

The debatable good news first.

My Mum has only gone and found me a sister!!! She is a tiny little thing that has been called Chaos and resembles a teddy bear. She is causing chaos everywhere she goes. If you ask me she has been very aptly named.

Iím pretending that Iím not particularly happy with the little fur ball but between me and thee she is quite good fun, gives me somebody to chase and jump on Ė I did try to chew her head off at one point but my Mum intervened and seemed to think this was unacceptable (canít think why she only squealed once Ė Chaos that is, not my Mum). Chaos does keep trying to steal my toys and bones but I have made it very clear that what is mine is mine and what is hers is mine as well if I can grab it and run fast enough.

We even both got a marrow bone from the butcher (my favourite treat), but Mum has been quite firm that Iím not allowed to steal both, although I do keep trying. My Mum even shouted at me over that one and she never shouts at me over bones. I of course pulled a giant mard and sulked for a day and made her feel guilty for hurting my feelings.

The bad news is that Iíve been a bit poorly with kennel cough and havenít been out of the back garden now for almost two weeks and havenít seen any of my doggie friends. I have been to the vets at Riverside a couple of times which is good because I love everybody there and they all play with me and make a fuss of me.

However on the good side, had the most fun Iíve had in a week today; Mum got me something called honey for my throat. Just as she was about to put the sticky goo in my mouth Chaos came charging up and knocked the spoon and both of us got covered in honey. We of course both immediately ran for the hills. I went in one direction, Chaos went in the other, over the furniture, under the furniture, up the stairs, down the stairs, on the bed, off the bed, Mum in hot pursuit and not catching either of us, honey being spread wherever we went, oh what joy, what fun. Didnít know my Mum could run that fast!!

scrambles and chaos - belper based cairn terriers
Scrambles (rh) with her little sister Chaos

We took great care to spread as much of it over the furniture and floor as we possibly could before we got caught and we didnít even get into trouble because I pretended to have a little coughy fit brought on by the chase and got hugs instead Ė ha ha my Mum is so gullible.

Was even worth the bath we had to have Ė well I had to have a bath, Chaos got to have a rub with a wet cloth because Mum said she was to small to have a bath Ė hmmm, doesnít seem fair to me.

Well Iím off to chase the furball around the house for an hour before it collapses from exhaustion and sleeps for hours. Iíll fill you in on the latest in the next edition.

Scrambles xx

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