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It's a Dogs Life!
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Issue 11 - A very odd couple of months...
Scrambles the Cairn Terrier writes for All Things Local

Life through the eyes of Scrambles, a Belper-based Cairn Terrier. Scrambles is the latest (and most unusual) columnist in All Things Local!

HAPPY 2009 to all our four and two legged friends. We’ve had a very odd couple of months. Our Mum threw herself on the ground in November and yelled a bit, we thought it was a great new game she had invented and jumped on her and got her all wet. She stood up and looked a very funny colour but she finished our walk, albeit very slowly. Then off she went somewhere and came back with this rock hard leg and our walkies stopped.

No matter how pathetic Chaos and I looked she gave us lots of fuss but didn’t take us out, Chaos even went to the hook where the lead is at least 20 times a morning and did her very best pathetic look (and believe me it is pretty pathetic), but all to no avail.

However ………… Things improved greatly. We were taken for walks with Anna, Georgie, Ebony and Emma which was great fun. Joe, Harry and Gracie took us out when they finished school in the afternoon for a bit of a run and Chaos thinks Harry and Gracie are wonderful but I have more of a soft spot for Joe. Then one of our morning dog walking ladies knocked on the door to say she had heard we were housebound and she would take us out. Rachel has a black Labrador called Ellie and we walked for miles with them and loved every minute of it – got to walk through lots of puddles and mud and we even got taken out in the car. Helen who doesn’t have a doggie but would like one came and walked us as well, so thank you to everybody.

So what started out as a bit of a disaster became really good fun and we haven’t suffered too much at all. Our Mum is taking us out now, she’s a bit slow but it’s nice for us to be out with her – she’s alright is our Mum but don’t tell her we said so. Rachel and Ellie are still taking us out and we are loving that. We are really enjoying all the frosty weather and there’s lots of fantastic mud filled puddles for us to wade through and jump in, disadvantage being we have to have a rinse in the bath when we get home.

We do keep explaining that we have gone to great pains to get as muddy as we can but we still have to bath. Chaos is still climbing trees – sure she thinks she’s a squirrel, she fell out of one before our Mum could get to her a while ago and was a bit dazed but I barked at her and she was back to running around very quickly. Chaos also got told off for chasing sheep – she likes wall walking and spotted some sheep and leaped off the wall. Mum and me got her to come back but then couldn’t get her back out of the field because of barbed wire so we had to walk along for a bit calling her until we found an opening she could get through. She did look very sheepish (ha ha, pardon the pun, he he).

Well I’m afraid that is all our excitement this time around, we hope you have all had a very exciting time as well.

Scrambles xx

Don’t forget to email me on if your human will let you use the computer.

Village edition - all things local
Belper Edition - All Things Local

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Steve Lees - Airport Transfers Derby

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