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Issue 2 - Anthony Fox, Derby Mountain Rescue Team
Anthony Fox - member of Derby Mountain Rescue

Anthony Fox (28) has lived in Denby all of his life and is involved in many local organisations. He is a Scout Leader of the 1st Horsley & Kilburn Group and is a committee member of Stargazers - a local amateur dramatics group. Anthony's biggest commitment is as a member of Derby Mountain Rescue Team - which he joined in 2004

Anthony's role varies greatly from the search and rescue of injured walkers or climbers to the search for vulnerable people reported missing from home. He is on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is just one of the many committed, team members - totally made up of volunteers.

Anthony comments, “There is no charge for our services and we are therefore totally reliant on donations. We need to raise around £18,000 a year to cover essential running costs like vehicle maintenance, training and equipment.”

On 1 June 2007 - a hot and dry day, Anthony was called out to assist a fallen climber at High Tor, Matlock. Upon arrival at the scene of the accident Anthony helped to carry specialist equipment to the climber; including a stainless steel stretcher called ‘The Bell’; a large casualty bag (a heavy duty fleece lined sleeping bag); a ‘snatch’ (medical pack); vacuum splints; a vacuum mattress; ropes and oxygen.

The climber had fallen approximately 10 metres and had severely fractured his left ankle. The casualty’s leg was vacuum splinted and he was carefully placed onto the vacuum mattress (a precaution in case of spinal injury). He was safely secured into the stretcher and carried along a narrow, winding, undulating path obstructed by fallen tree branches and transferred to a waiting ambulance. Anthony explains that once a casualty has left their care, the rescue team members don’t receive any official information regarding their condition.

Anthony’s Advice on Safety to walkers and climbers:

· Plan your route according to your ability
· Take the weather forecast into account and ensure you have adequate clothing to allow for unexpected changes in weather conditions
· Leave a detailed route card and the time you expect to be back with someone you know
· Wear boots with a deep tread
· Carry food, drink and a first aid kit (and know how to use it)
· Carry a map and compass and ensure you are competent in their use
· Carry a torch and whistle.

To find out more about Derby Mountain Rescue Team and how you can help, go to

Anthony Fox.

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