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Word on Wine
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Issue 9 - Vina Decana Reserva 2002
Anne Kennedy - Chair of Kilburn WIne Circle

Anne Kennedy is Chair of Kilburn Wine Circle. Each issue, she'll be reviewing and recommending a new wine.

Brand: Vina Decana Reserva
Region: Utiel Requena, West of Valencia, Spain
Grape: Tempranillo / Merlot
Alcohol Strength: 13%
Year: 2002

Hello again! I hope you all managed to try a bottle of the excellent Burgundy I reviewed last month.

Whilst considering which wine to review this month, I thought I would try to find something topical that is relevant to you all. I realized the two big main topics for discussion, are the rain and the credit crunch. So to reflect this I thought I would tell you a little about the weekend I have just had and review a very good, but inexpensive wine.

We have just come back from a very wet, bushcraft and survival weekend in Derbyshire. There was a group of 15 of us living off the land. We built shelters from wood and bracken, made fire by friction, foraged for food and cooked over an open fire. It was the wettest September weekend since 1977 and despite all being well wrapped up in waterproof jackets and trousers, we still got very wet. We managed to have a great time, despite the rain, doing something different! It would have been easy to cancel the weekend, but we decided to go ahead and had a brilliant time, coming away richer people as a result.

During the evening we all sat around the fire to keep warm and dry under the tarpaulin. We had been instructed to take something to drink around the fire in the evening for warming purposes only of course! I took a bottle Vina Decana Reserva 2002, so thought I would let you know a little more about it.

Firstly it fits within the budget range. It is excellent value and a really good wine with tomato or wine based sauces or the Sunday roast beef.

Vina Decana Reserva 2002
Vina Decana Reserva 2002

Brand: Vina Decana
Range: Reserva
Region: Utiel Requena, west of Valencia, Spain Requena is a small village which has been producing wines for more than 200 years, located 50 miles west of Valencia.
Grape: Tempranillo/Merlot/Garnacha/Caabernet Sauvingon/Shiraz
Year: 2002
Alcohol Strength: 13%
The colour: Red The bouquet Ripe fruit of plum, dark cherry with a slight hint of vanilla
Flavour: Medium-bodied with juicy red fruit flavours supported by soft tannins and a toasty wood character
Price: 3.49 Available from Aldi

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