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Word on Wine
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Issue 1- Villa Maria
Anne Kennedy - Chair of Kilburn WIne Circle

Anne Kennedy is Chair of Kilburn Wine Circle. Each issue, she'll be reviewing and recommending a new wine.

This issue: Villa Maria from the region of Marlborough, New Zealand. A Sauvignon Blanc that's a very pale straw colour, available from Asda, Somerfield & Tesco price £7 to £8.

Many more of us are drinking wine and if you are anything like I was 10 years ago, I didn't know my Sauvignon from my Chardonnay or my Cabernet from my Shiraz. I would go to the supermarket and buy whatever was on special offer, regardless of what the wine was. I would often get home, open the wine and think, "No! don't like that, it will have to go in the cooking pot."

Through Kilburn Wine Circle, I have, over the last 9 years learnt more about wine, about the country of origin and most of all, what it is I like about some wines over others.

Now I still buy wines that are on special offer, but a bit more selectively, as I know which grape varieties I like and which one's I don't. I certainly don't waste as much wine in the cooking pot as I used to.

This month I thought I would write about a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc I enjoy. I had a recent holiday in New Zealand and of course, managed to visit a few wineries while there. The result is I am converted by the consistent quality and flavour of their wines.

Brand: Villa Maria
Range: Private Bin
Region: Marlborough, New Zealand
Grape: Sauvignon Blanc
Year: 2006
Alcohol Strength: 13.5 %

The colour – A very pale straw colour
The bouquet – You can usually tell a sauvignon blanc by the gooseberry and citrus lime smell it gives off.
Flavour - My initial taste is a soft melon followed by a sharp citrus flavour and a strong lingering taste of gooseberries.

This is a crisp and fresh wine that goes very well with seafood, shellfish, salads and vegetable dishes. Personally I enjoy drinking it on a hot afternoon in the garden and just savouring the wonderful aromas and lingering aftertaste it gives you.

Available from Asda, Somerfield and Tesco.
Price: £7 to £8 depending on the retailer.

Anne Kennedy.

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“ Karyn has created her magazine to a very high standard, the content is varied, topical and relevant. All Things Local is an interesting and informative publication for the local community and has been very helpful for our business. The response to our recruitment advert in the last edition resulted in us expanding our services to include Reiki, remedial massage and reflexology – all from local, experienced professionals.“

Janet Lovett - The Retreat Advanced Beauty & Tanning, Belper

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