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What Our Readers Think...

Hi - I don't normally write to magazine editors, but I thought you deserved to know that your magazine (Ripley Edition) is really, really good.

Any other free paper / mag goes straight into the bin (then taken out and put into the recycling by my wife).

Your mag has something about it that makes me read it cover to cover and then keep it handy until the next edition.

Keep up the great work - you deserve to succeed.


- Steve, Ripley

“Dear Editor – Congratulations to all concerned with the publication
of your launch issue of All Things Local – well printed, well produced
& beautifully presented, full of useful information – and what’s more, no
Spelling or punctuation errors.”

- B Hughes, Smalley

“Just wanted to congratulate you on All Things Local. It’s brilliant and very useful. I really hope it takes off.”

- Linda, Kilburn

“I have just received a copy of All Things Local through the door and am really impressed!”

- James, Horsley Woodhouse

“Very interesting magazine – good luck with it”
“Fab magazine, really enjoy it”

- Mr & Mrs Clarke, Kilburn

“We think it’s a great little magazine – well done”

- Mrs Price, Kilburn

“Very bright and interesting!”

- Morley resident

“Thank you for your hard work – love the book”

- Mrs Foulkes, Horsley

“This is a very professional magazine that my wife & I enjoy reading”

- D Fearn, Kilburn

“Good magazine”

- B Toms, Morley

“Enjoyed reading this magazine”

- M Bacon, Kilburn

“Congratulations on your All Things Local magazine”

- C Pritchard, Smalley

“We found All Things Local to be an excellent publication and
just what was needed for the area”

- S Whiteman, Kilburn

“I just wanted to say how interesting and useful the magazine is to us both. We have so far used one of the recipe's, eaten at one of the restaurants and contacted some of the local traders. I am particularly keen to support local businesses and this is a way of getting their contact details.

Thanks for such a well produced and useful LOCAL magazine.”

- Anne K, Kilburn

"I love 'All Things Local' and think it's great to have such a local and regular magazine"

- W Truman - Kilburn

“Thanks for a very informative, easily readable publication.”

- H Martin - Belper

“Congratulations on the launch of the 'All Things Local' magazine in Belper - I have to say we're quite impressed with the quality look and feel.”

- D Smith - Belper

“I do enjoy reading “All Things Local”. It is a high quality publication, which fulfils a need and is well received by the readers I come into contact with.”

- S Bower, Headteacher, Codnor Community Primary School

“I've been receiving my copy of All things Local at home since first published and enjoy looking through each edition.”

- Suzanne - Denby

“The magazine is not only useful, it's an enjoyable read!”

- J Pepper - Bargate

“Just wanted to say I read your new magazine last night and felt compelled to email. It's fantastic! The articles are relevant and interesting, layout superb and printing top quality. I'm a primary school teacher and thought I'd use it as an example of a magazine when I teach the topic in a few weeks. We're getting married within the next couple of years so all the articles were very interesting. The articles from contributors were well written too - sometimes I've helped edit and deliver local magazines/newsletters before so know how much time and effort goes into producing them.

Keep up the great work! :)”

- Kirsten - Belper

“May I congratulate you on the magazine, its great and I always look forward to receiving it.”

- C Sayers - Kilburn

Village edition - all things local
Belper Edition - All Things Local

What you've been saying about All Things Local...

“ Having previously wasted a lot of money on advertising in magazines without any success I was wary about going in “All Things Local" which was recommended to me by a friend, but having met Karyn the editor and realising that she was as passionate about her magazine as I am about personal training I decided to give it a go. Karyn produces a professional, well written magazine crammed with useful stuff, and most important provided me with clients. Keep up the good work“

Alex Robinson- personal trainer

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