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Upbeat - Combating Crime in the Neighbourhood
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Issue 5 - how to keep your car safe
Danny Smith - Police Community Support Officer

Your regular column about combating crime in the neighbourhood written by Danny Smith (pictured).

Danny is one of several Police Community Support Officers patrolling our communities. You'll find their contact numbers and names by clicking here.

Hello Readers,

I hope you all had a good Christmas and Santa got you everything you wanted! I also hope that all of you noted the advice on home security I gave in the last issue as it could be the difference from you being a victim of crime. If you wish for any more information or advice on home security then please let me know.

Over the past 3 months we have had a bit of car crime in the area so I would like to give you some tips on how to keep your car safe.

Firstly, try to park your car in a well lit residential area if you do not have access to a garage as the light will deter many criminals because it would be easier for members of the public to witness the crime taking place.

Secondly, make sure all your personal belongings are not left in the car. Please do not leave them in the glove box thinking they are safe as this is the first place a criminal will look. If you own a satellite navigation system then take it with you wherever you go. Criminals look out for clues that you own a sat nav; for example the sat nav stand. If you take this down then please wipe the window where the stand was as the suction leaves a mark - a tell tale sign to the modern day criminal that there is sat nav in the vehicle.

Finally, always leave you car secure by ensuring all doors are locked, windows are fully shut and the boot is locked [I know this may seem like common sense but a lot of victims of vehicle crime are victims because they have left one of the doors unlocked]. If you have to park your car on the road then park it outside your house so that you can see where it is and hear if it is being tampered with.

At Belper Police Station we have car alarms that we can give to members of the community who believe they are vulnerable to vehicle crime.

To summarise, when leaving your car please remember these 3 golden rules that will decrease the chance of you being a victim of car crime greatly:

1.Always park your car in a well lit residential area
2.Always check that your doors are locked and windows are fully shut
3.Remove all valuables [Do not think they are safe in the glove box]

If you would like to know more in reducing vehicle crime or would like to have a portable car alarm then please give me a call on 07725 935189.


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