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Upbeat - Combating Crime in the Neighbourhood
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Issue 4 - Reducing the risk of being a victim of crime
Danny Smith - Police Community Support Officer

Your regular column about combating crime in the neighbourhood written by Danny Smith (pictured).

Danny is one of several Police Community Support Officers patrolling our communities. You'll find their contact numbers and names by clicking here.

For my first column, I would like to talk about crime in the area and how each and every one of you has a big part to play in reducing the risk of being a victim of crime. Now all the clocks have gone back [I’m sure we all appreciated the extra hour in bed] and the evenings get darker earlier we should all be thinking about ways to reduce the chances of being a victim of crime and it is really simple using common sense a lot of the time could be the difference of having a crime free winter.

Simple steps like making sure your house is secure and your valuables are out of sight, this is because a large percentage of burglars and thieves are opportunist criminals this basically means an opportunist criminal will just spot a chance for example an opened window, a insecure shed, anything they can get there hands on and they believe they can get away with.

At this point id like to mention that burglaries are on the decline in our area so this article is not meant to scare you just for you to be aware and any issues in this article that you would like to discuss further then do not hesitate in contacting your committed safer neighbourhood team.

Anyway let’s get back to stopping you from being a victim of crime, Leaving the lights on when you go out is a good way to deter the modern day criminal however with climate change a big issue any we should all be going greener we have a timer switch that you could set for what time you want a light to come on and what time for it to go off, this giving the impression the opportunist criminal that there is someone at home.

We have a lot of these timers that we can give away for free so if this is something you would like then contact either myself or PC Mick Shaw. Speaking of freebies we have many items at Belper Police station that we can give, for free, to the communities that we serve. That means you! We have locks for your sheds, alarms and all sorts of gadgets that can help you to not become a victim of crime.

Over the last couple of months we have had a few distraction burglaries in the area so I am going to give you a few tips on what to do when you have a stranger at your door.

Firstly always make sure you have your door chain on and ask for their ID Remember there is no such thing as the “water board!” Also there is the nominated neighbour scheme. This works by having a point of contact for the caller to go to so they can check there identification. Remember that if the caller is who they say they are they will not mind going to a neighbour and will be happy that you have done this. If they are not who they say they are they will quickly leave the area, showing they are not who they say they are, If this happens contact us on either 0845 123 33 33 or in an emergency 999.

I hope you all have merry Christmas and a crime free New Year.

Danny Smith

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