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Upbeat - Combating Crime in the Neighbourhood
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Issue 11 Village Edition - Priority profiles for New Year...
John Midgley - Police Community Support Officer

Your regular column about combating crime in the neighbourhood written by John Midgley (pictured) and Paula Johnson.

John is one of several Police Community Support Officers patrolling our communities. You'll find their contact numbers and names by clicking here.

Hello readers

The Kin panel meeting held back in December reviewed the priority profiles and we are looking at four new profiles that the Safer Neighbourhood Team will be paying particular attention to over the next few months.

These are:
Nuisance bikes: regarding the level of noise from vehicle engines/vehicles congregating in Church Street car park Kilburn.
Speeding: on Belper Road, Holbrook.
Anti social behaviour problems: Denby Memorial Park/skate park.
Anti social behaviour problems: Fairfield Road, Horsley Woodhouse.

The hand held speed gun has been used in areas of concern and will continue to be used. We have made a request for illuminating 30mph signs to be put in place in problem areas and liaised with the road safety team.

Children who were riding through parish hall grounds in Holbrook has mainly subsided due to increased patrolling, bad weather and early dark nights. The plans for developing a new park in Holbrook are underway at the moment. The Safer Neighbourhood Team will be continuing to monitor with regular patrols in the area.

Regular liaising with the local shops helped us with the problem of people over 18 buying alcohol for underage youths. We are aware of a number of possible offenders who we will continue to monitor.

Police surgeries will continue to run throughout the year. Myself and PC Mick Shaw will be attending parish council meetings to discuss any issues or problems in your area.

Thanks, John.
Safer Neighbourhood Team.

PCSO Paula Johnson is currently unwell so wishing her a speedy recovery

Paula Johnson and John Midgley - Police Community Support Officers
PCSO Paula Johnson and PCSO John Midgley

Issue 3 Belper Edition - Non emergency number changes...
PC Barry Bacon

Your regular column about combating crime in the neighbourhood. Written by PC Barry Bacon (pictured), and Police Community Support Officer Steven Slater.

You'll find their contact numbers and names by clicking here.

Hi everyone.

If you missed last monthís article, lets introduce ourselves. We are the Belper Town Safer Neighbourhood Team, PC Barry Bacon and PCSO Steve Slater.

We work with the local community to address local issues within the Belper Town area. We develop local contacts to resolve local issues which matter to you.

We have recently been acting upon a number of problems in the Whitemoor area, involving nuisance and rowdy behaviour from a number of youths in the area. Police action has resulted in an increase in patrols in the area, as well as a number of arrests and warnings issued to named individuals. Others are currently being investigated. If anyone knows of anyone responsible for any nuisance behaviour in the Whitemoor area, or has any general concerns about Anti Social Behaviour please don't hesitate to call Graham Jarrett, Anti Social Behaviour Coordinator on 01773 571789 or email: - your call can be anonymous if you wish it to be.

We continue to appeal for interest from the community in relation to the Derbyshire Police Speedwatch Campaign. The aim of this is to discourage dangerous driving with the help and assistance of voluntary members of your community. Members of the public will not be able to stop drivers, but those who are caught and identified, will be sent warnings by the police. Officers would accompany volunteers whilst out and about in identified areas. If anyone is interested in participating in this scheme, please contact us on 0345 123 3333 and we will continue to develop the scheme in the Belper Town area.

Some final news... The Derbyshire Police non-emergency number has changed! Itís now 0345 123 3333, which replaces the old 0845 number. The 0845 number will still be available to use for around 2 years but is being phased out. The change has come about after recommendations from Ofcom (Office of Communications)†to cut confusion over call costs. This now means the 0345 number is charged the same as a call to any other standard 01 or 02 number and can be included as part of call packages.

Barry and Steve - Belper Safer Neighbourhood Team

Belper Police - PC Barry Bacon and PCSO Steven Slater
(L to R) - PC Barry Bacon and PCSO Steven Slater

Village edition - all things local
Belper Edition - All Things Local

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Steve, Ripley

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