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Christina's Column
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Belper Issue 4 - Film reviews
christina's column

Christina Moorby (pictured) is a year 9 student at Belper High School.

In this issue, Christina provides readers with a review of two films she’s recently seen; Ghost Town and Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging.

Can you imagine lying on an operating table and dying (that would be pretty annoying) or dying and surviving (which of course would be nice!) Although dying, surviving and being followed by ghosts, wouldn’t be as good.... Or imagine being the perfect snogger!

Ghost Town was produced by DreamWorks SKG and written by David Koepp and James Kamps. It tells the story of a man whose life revolves around himself. Sounds familiar..... (Sorry guys.) The role; played by Ricky Gervais, shows just how much can happen in a couple of days. Gervais is a bitter and twisted dentist and doesn’t care about his patients, neighbours or cats.

After surviving an operation, he‘s able to see all the ghosts who want help for them to pass over and solve all their unfinished business. One man just wants him to grab a pet toy squirrel from under a car seat that had been lost the day he died and return it to his grieving son. But Gervais isn’t bothered!

The film is set in Manhattan, New York, a great location featuring Central Park. Gervais is continually followed by the people that nobody else can see. As well as conversations with the air and complete ignorance to people really there, he talks to lots of people at once.

You start off hating his character, then feeling sorry for his lonely life and finally hoping he sees where he is going wrong and that everything turns out okay. I cannot tell you the ending because you won’t see the film. I have watched it twice, once at a Derby cinema and more recently on DVD. I would probably give it 8 out of 10. It is rated PG-13 etc. If you like Ricky Gervais you will like this film because he is the main character and he is in nearly every shot.

So how good are you at snogging? Sorry to be so personal but the second film is aimed at young teenagers, mainly girls.

Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging; what a great title! It makes you wonder who the Angus stands for. Turns out it is the cat. The film is set in Brighton; produced and directed by Gurinder Chadha, of Bend it Like Beckham fame and is written by Louise Rennison.

The film is full of cringes, laughter and girls growing up. Unsure about being able to kiss, ‘Saliva Boy’ sells kissing lessons which leave the girls feeling breathless. This, of course, was after practising kissing on their hands! The heroine of the story is 15 year old Georgia, who just wants a boyfriend and a good snog.

She picks Robbie who plays in a band called the Stiff Dylans and then joins her friends who are all going ‘boy following’. Aided with a pen and paper she finds out that Robbie and his twin brother’s mum owns the new organic fruit shop. She decides to place a lost poster about her missing cat Angus in his shop window to catch his attention after finding out he is going out with her enemy Lindsay. Angus is not really missing and Robbie is going to find out.

This film keeps your attention, from orange legs to cats in dresses! Out of 10, it would have to be a 9. It is rated at 12 and is out on DVD. Suitable for growing teenagers and great for sleepovers - to my older readers, this is when a group of girls get together and watch a DVD, have a late meal and sleep over at someone’s house. We talk until the early hours of the morning and then say, “What film shall we watch next time?” I really fancy seeing Slumdog Millionaire, but will have to wait as I’m not 15 until November.

I enjoyed both the films and hope you get to see them too; I wonder which one you’ll prefer?

Until next time, Christina (Age 14) x

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